Sunday, October 30, 2011

Acai Berry - A Natural Pick For Your Optimum Health And Fitness

A healthy and fit portfolio not only enhances the beauty of a person but also leads to an overall well-being. Acai berry is one of the most discussed health solutions and a favorite of the fitness experts these days given its plenty of health benefits. The fruit comes with several helpful properties and many physicians have dubbed it as "miracle berry". In fact, the berry has been received warmly in the celebrity circle and has also been widely endorsed by top stars like Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey.

Acai berries refer to some grape like fruits from South America and Central America, purple in color with a seed at the centre. These berries were very popular among the native Brazilians and they called it "acais". The consumers of the fruit have always spoken highly of its fast weight loss qualities. Well, acais has appetite suppression properties. It implies that the intake of these berries would logically restrict your calorie consumption since after having these you would not feel hungry and you are able to eat much less.

Health Promotion

Besides, it has also been found to have the fat burning qualities. A regular intake of acais can melt down the unnecessary cholesterol and fat in your body and also in your blood vessels. Again, not many are aware that the small berry even helps in enhancing your metabolism rate leading to a faster burn in calories.

It's also great to mention that acais' appetite suppression qualities do not deprive your body off the adequate nutrients. The little fruit is also rich in nutrients so that there is no dearth of adequate nourishment when you are not taking food for a long time. The berry has been found to have one of the greatest reserves of antioxidants in them that are the naturally chemical substances which fight off the harmful effects of the free radicals in the body like premature aging and many diseases. The antioxidants actually neutralize these free radicals that in turn would deplete their destructive behavior towards tissues and cells.

These fruits are known to contain nutrients like Vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. Vitamin E is also a chief component here that contributes to the repair of your damaged cells. A 2003 HIS (Health Science Institute) article reveals that acais provide for a great quantity of anthocyanins which is thirty times more compared to red wine as well as the entire fatty acids contained in olive oil. Both of these are regarded by physicians as very powerful nutritional tools.

The anthocyanins would help to prevent the blood clots as well as enhance blood circulation in the body. The fatty acids would increase the body's capacity to absorb the vitamins A, D, E and K. Then, a 2006 research from Florida University has found that the grape like fruit has the capacity to finish off the cancerous cells in the human body. The study in fact has shown that the extracts from the fruit triggered a kind of self destructive response in nearly 86% of the leukemia cells examined.

Thus, there are plenty of health benefits from the little berry apart from weight loss. The many faceted advantages of taking the berry are low BP, low cholesterol, a great fighting weapon for arthritis and cancer, a good sleeping aid, boosting up of your energy level (being rich in carbohydrates), detoxification and cleaning up of the body (because of rich fiber content), improved digestive function, enhanced blood circulation, minimize inflammation, power up the overall immune system, improved visual acuity, diagnosis of neurological issues, promotion of healthy, young skin and much more.

Acai Berry - A Natural Pick For Your Optimum Health And Fitness

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing is a field of nursing studies that seeks the prevention of diseases, prolonging of life and promotion of healthy living. It is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, implementation and evaluation of interventions towards the improvement of general health of the community.

These are done through efforts and interventions that target the society, organizations, public and private communities. The course entails the overall wellbeing of the society by advocating for healthy living.

Health Promotion

The term community health nursing can be used to refer to this field of medical health practice. It targets the improvement of the whole community welfare in regard to the health. The role that the nurses in this field play is known as primary prevention. It entails the prevention of diseases, injury, disability and avoidance of premature death.

They can work as environmental health specialists, health educators, epidemiologists, physicians, and nutritionist. They work with local communities to help formulate ways of dealing with the community through projects for elimination of problems which face the society. This is because health is one of the causes of poverty which hinders development.

Most of the time the health education offered by the nurses are carried out in homes, workplaces, and other community arrangements. They assist the community to apply the education offered to them through the monitoring and evaluation of the progress made by the community.

Some of the issues that the community seeks to do away with are excessive tobacco use, improper diet, diseases, exercise, sexual practices and cleanliness among others. Public Health Nursing seeks to change individual lifestyles and guide the society towards the choices they make in relation to healthy living.

Public Health Nursing

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Small Business Marketing Strategy for Brand Promotion

Successful small business marketing can best be viewed as a triangle containing three essential elements: Brand, Package, and People.

Brand forms the base of this marketing triangle. Brand is the foundation your business is built upon in the mind of your customer. When you rest a heavy load on a weak foundation, a crooked and cracked house is the inevitable outcome. It's no different when building your business. A strong brand is critical to your small company's long-term business health and profits.

Health Promotion

Brand is really your company's identity. Brand is the essence of your company--the who of your company in the mind of your customers. Think your customers pick up your company's identity by osmosis? By that latest brilliant advertising slogan? Sometimes, but for most small businesses, new customers learn of you--and your brand-- from another customer or from one of your employees.

Yes, employees--definitely the most under-utilized marketing referral source in small business today.

So, weaving a Brand Banner that customers and employees can carry around for you and then wave at the right time--for you, unsolicited--is an ultra-effective way for your small business to advertise. This Brand Banner must be easy to repeat and memorable. Your advocates will bear your Brand Banner because of the natural human inclination to share helpful information with other people.

Just remember, if you let that Brand Banner get soiled, ripped or grimy, then that's the flag that'll be out there flying for your business. Not the impression you want to make. This is yet another reason customer service is so vitally important.

Brand isn't your company logo, latest advertising slogan or catchy jingle any more than your best suit is you. The suit can improve your image, but even casual acquaintances will still recognize the essential you underneath.

Brand is similar to integrity--if you've earned it, your small business can make errors along the way and still become very successful. Customers don't expect perfection, but they do expect attention. If they trust you to do the right thing by them, even when you mess up, you'll boost your small business integrity and your brand. But without integrity, you can pour out thousands of advertising dollars to look great and sound slick, but still fail in the end because you are essentially anchored to nothing more solid than shifting sand.

So, if Brand is Identity, and your small business marketing is built on referrals from customers and employees, then the critical next step is for you to understand just how it is that customer's perceive you. Like beauty, Brand is in the eye of the beholder.

© 2006 Marketing Hawks

Small Business Marketing Strategy for Brand Promotion

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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Look At Cinnamon And Heart Health Research

While, there is no proven link between cinnamon and heart health, there are several reasons that friends, family and even those in the health industry may suggest cinnamon for heart health.

If you are interested in heart health, you should first understand the controllable risk factors. Type II, adult onset or diabetes mellitus, obesity, unhealthy cholesterol levels, physical inactivity and high blood pressure are among the risk factors that are considered controllable. This means that with proper diet, exercise and, in some cases, medication these factors can be treated or controlled.

Health Promotion

Clinical trials in Europe in 2003 and 2006 support the use of cinnamon to lower blood glucose levels in patients with type-2 diabetes. Since this is one of the risk factors for developing heart disease, these studies may have lead to the promotion of cinnamon for heart health.

There is some confusion over which type of cinnamon was used in the trials. There are several types. In the United States, the most common type sold for flavoring is cassia. Some health agencies have advised against consuming high amounts of cassia, because of a component found in the plant which is toxic to the liver and kidneys.

Cinnamon is widely used in "fat-burners". You have probably seen them advertised in magazines on the internet or TV. They are typically sold in health supplement stores. These products are supposed to help you lose weight by helping your body burn more fat. There is no clear scientific evidence that they will work for everyone, but some research does support their use and some people swear by them.

The American Heart Association and other groups involved in collecting and researching information related to heart health has this advice about weight. If you are overweight, it is important for the health of your heart to lose the weight. But, it is also very important to keep the weight off. Gaining and losing twenty or thirty pounds over the course of your lifetime is believed to be unhealthy, possibly as unhealthy as chronic obesity. If someone has recommended that you try cinnamon for heart health and you are overweight, it may be because of cinnamons possible fat-burning attributes.

A study published in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology in 1999 seems to support the use of cinnamon as a fat burner, possibly supporting a link between cinnamon and heart health. In this study, the type of cinnamon used was Cinnamomum Verum, sometimes referred to as "true cinnamon". Southern India is one of the places where this plant was originally cultivated. Unlike cassia, no health risks are associated with the use of cinnamomum verum, but it may be harder to find.

In the study, rats were fed a diet high in fat, complemented with cinnamon. Researchers did not see the expected increase in cholesterol levels in the blood stream. This may indicate that cinnamon can help reduce or control unhealthy cholesterol levels, but more research is needed.

A Look At Cinnamon And Heart Health Research

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daycare/Child Care Facility Promotion

Running or starting a daycare center or daycare home involves various planning and considerations. As a daycare provider you are concerned about meeting your state's requirements and regulations. These may include specifications about child area, fire safety measures, medical and health, zoning, child to adult care ratio and the list goes on and on. While these requirements are in place to ensure the safety of the children in your care, they are generally expensive and time consuming to implement. Add to that is promoting your daycare, which adds another layer of costs to your daycare business.

But the truth is that, without promoting or advertising your daycare business, it will be difficult for parents to notice your daycare business. If your daycare business is not noticed, then it becomes impractical to raise the level of revenue required to cover ongoing costs, such as those associated with complying with your state's requirements and regulations.

Health Promotion

The good news is that the internet has provided means to advertise businesses, and in most cases, cheaper than the traditional means of advertisements (for example, TV ads). One important suggestion is that you (as a daycare provider) consider listing your daycare business on various websites that connect parents and daycare providers. Since many people search for 'everything but the kitchen sink' on the internet, your daycare will be exposed to more parents than you can imagine who may be living in your town or planning to relocate to your town. You may also be able to list your daycare for free on certain 'daycare listing' websites. This will save you some advertisement money, adding to your bottom line profit. Some websites may also demand minimal fees to enable daycare providers to add more information to their daycare listings.

Daycare and child care providers should always seek ways to promote or advertise their daycare or child care business online. It's usually a cheaper and effective way of advertising. As said previously, it is cheaper because you can either advertise for free or pay a minimal fee. It is effective in the sense that you can easily reach parents who are always on the run.

Caveat. It's important that you advertise on websites that are uncluttered and not overwhelmed by disturbing ads. This may distract parents from paying absolute attention to your daycare listing. In addition, remember that it's usually a daunting task for parents to find a suitable daycare. Therefore, it's important that you list your daycare on a neat website so that parents will not find it too hard to be drawn to your daycare listing.

Daycare/Child Care Facility Promotion

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Promotional Calls, Service Messages - Mobile Marketing Strategy

In this fast changing world there are numerous marketing strategies. One among the top is the mobile marketing strategy. Nowadays every individual has a mobile phone with him. Therefore it is a strategy that can reach a large number of people and its cost effectiveness and direct contact to prospective clients (customers) has propelled it to be the most preferred mode of advertising by almost all companies.

Promotional Calls:

Health Promotion

Promotional calls are a technique that involves direct calling by telemarketing executives of the concerned company to prospective and existing clients. The executive calls the customer (prospective customer) and explains about the products or services that are being offered by their company. A good sales pitch can often bring the desired result, a sale.

Service Messages:

Service messages are another technique that is used as an alternative in mobile marketing. Here the methodology adopted is to send the company's message to a large group of people. Those who require the company's product or service will get in touch with the company on seeing their messages.

As always there is a down side to this method too. The frequent calls and messages may annoy the recipients and in turn lead to undesired complications. The mobile users can use the do not disturb options and register their numbers to the national do not disturb directory. This will eliminate most of the marketing calls and messages.

Cutting out relations with an existing company should be done by informing them directly. The companies too have to be alert as calling to do not disturb registered numbers can lead to users suing the company.

Overall intelligent, conservative usage is the way to go.

Promotional Calls, Service Messages - Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Make Money With USANA Health Sciences

Who else wants to make an extra couple hundred dollars per month with USANA Health Sciences? Many people all over the world are getting their piece of the trillion dollar health industry by partnering with the USANA Business opporunity. Any person interested in becoming a home business owner with USANA starts off with being introduced to the opportunity from an independent associate.

The associate then becomes a sponsor the new person and sells them a distributorship so the new rep can start earning commissions with USANA Health Sciences. The only problem is that 90% of network marketers fail with USANA and any other MLM. Although it is a great system to earn residual income, meaning you make money while you sleep, many network marketers can't seem to get the business going.

Health Promotion

The only key is to recruit other new distributorships and sell the main products to loyal customers. It's not the products that is the problem, it is the person who joins the opportunity. MLM is a business based on marketing and promotion pursued by people who have no idea how to market and/or promote. So anyone without any marketing and promotion knowledge is doomed to fail.

So what do you do if you want to be involved with USANA Health Sciences? Well do just like any professionals would do. They educate themselves on how to be successful in MLM. Just as a doctor wouldn't go into the operating room to do a heart surgery without the knowledge and education needed.

Luckily for you there are many network marketers who been down the road in failed miserably but found a way to succeed. Many of these people have written ebooks, training courses, and videos on what they did to succeed. This is a major short cut for any network marketer trying to find success with USANA Health Sciences. I myself have found that learning of people who make a substantial amount of money in this industry have a lot of great information to offer to cut the learning curve of building a successful business in half.

It turns out that you can actually get people to chase you down with money in hand ready to join if you know how to effectively use marketing and promotion. So the first thing to do is to educate yourself and you can potentially be ahead of 90% of any network marketer trying to build a successful business with USANA Health Sciences.

How to Make Money With USANA Health Sciences

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Promote Body Hygiene Utilizing Logo Imprinted Health and Safety Merchandise

Most people will consent to the statement that proclaims, "health is wealth." It is very critical for everyone to set their health on top of everything else. No matter how busy the daily schedule seems, every person should take the time to grant their respective bodies the nourishment it requires so they can be assured that they won't get vulnerable to diseases. You can actually have this theme in your next branding campaign. Hand out corporate logoed health and safety products as your freebies.

There are many classes of customized health and safety items to pick from. Some of them are first aid kits, sanitizing products, and safety equipment like safety glasses and therapeutic aids. All these and more can be furnished to all people from many walks of life. They can greatly help in encouraging more individuals to be conscious of their bodies and start paying attention to their overall health condition.

Health Promotion

It's about time that you move away from the typical branding tools and start using newer classes like logo imprinted health and safety commodities. Read ahead for more favors so you can be more convinced of their favors potential:

Great Array of Products - You are furnished with a lot of different merchandise that are truly beneficial for your target audience. These items are easy to carry. You can furnish them to everyone!

Easy to Personalize - They have ample printing space so you can easily place your business name and logo. These products are guaranteed to bear your promotional message efficiently.

If you think these customizable health and safety products have what it takes to jumpstart your advertising campaign, start placing your orders immediately. Here are some helpful tips so you can be better armed when you do your shopping:

Watch Out for Extras - Oftentimes, suppliers and vendors give away additional perks to go with the essential items you intend to purchase. These supplementary stuff are designed to provide even more benefits so you acquire the most out of every venture you make.

Large Logo is Preferred - When you imprint your business name, verify that the logo stands out so people can associate them with your business easily.

Promote Body Hygiene Utilizing Logo Imprinted Health and Safety Merchandise

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Digital Signage For Healthcare

Another one of those large industries that tends to be embracing the incorporation of interactive digital technology into the busy halls is the health care industry. One of the main reasons that digital signage for healthcare seems to be such an obvious solution is that the majority of people who walk into a hospital are stressed and/ or disoriented. Whether they are sick or injured themselves, visiting a loved one, or even just getting a routine checkup, there is plenty enough to worry about already.

Digital signs can be used in a variety of ways to guide them, offering a smooth transition into the everyday life of the hospital environment and making it an easier process for everyone.

Health Promotion

This can be done through digital bulletin boards or an interactive display that gives instructions using touch-tone technology. Of course, there will always be patients who are in such a bad state they have no time or focus to concentrate on something even this simple, and they will blaze right past, but leading the rest of the patient population with interactive technology frees up more of the staff to focus on those patients who need immediate attention.

Another great use of digital signs that works great in larger health care facilities are wayfinding displays. These are large interactive maps where visitors can quickly touch a finger to the destination they want to go and receive immediate directions.

They can also see where all the most important locations are--such as restrooms, cafeteria, emergency room, waiting room, x-ray, and ICU. Hospitals are often quite bland and repetitive in design, and many people find they get lost in even the smallest facilities, especially under considerable stress.

Of course, digital signage is not just beneficial to patients but helps the hospital staff in a variety of other ways as well. Everyone that works in the hospital is part of one huge team, and it takes effective management in order to keep that team functioning as one cohesive unit.

This requires good communication, and this is where digital signage for healthcare comes in. Signs can be use to make announcements, give instructions, and send out health alerts. They can also be used in cafeterias to display cafeteria menus for everyone to see or provide entertainment when it is needed most.

This is only the beginning, and if you think of the nature of health care technology, it should be obvious that digital signage will play an increasingly important role. How will this technology be used in the future to not only streamline processes but improve advanced methods of treatment?

Digital Signage For Healthcare

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Promotion of Products Through Sampling

Sales promotion is a crucial activity for businesses. One effective means for sales promotion is to distribute free product samples. When consumers are given a free full- or trial-sized product, they are more likely to try the product and decide the like it and want to purchase it.

Usually, free samples are given out as part of a new product launch. The other time when samples are passed out is when a company wants to increase the market share for the product. When either situation exists, distribution may be done in a variety of ways. The goal must be to get the product into the hands of consumers.

Health Promotion

One method is called direct mail sampling. When this method is used, free samples of a product are mailed directly to consumers' homes. The area where mailings are targeted are based on demographics. If sampling to the masses is preferred, newspaper distribution can be used.

Door-to-door delivery of free product samples has the benefit of saving money for packaging and mailing. It is more targeted, and has a shorter lead time as well.

Another way to distribute samples is to package the sample with other items for sale. This is a great way to get people interested in a new product. If you distribute samples in high traffic locations like malls or theaters, this will be very effective.

The most common means for sample distribution is in-store sampling. This is very simple. What happens in in-store sampling is that shoppers at a store are given free product samples.

Because of this, they often then will make impulse purchases of this line. In fact, this boosts business so much that many companies will permit consumers to request samples via the Internet.

That doesn't mean that there are limitless samples. Every company still has to make money, and they only budget to much for giveaway or promotional materials. If you want to get a sample or a coupon via the internet, it's important to request this as early as possible.

How do companies decide when product sampling will be appropriate? Generally, they distribute product samples when they can't get that kind of effect with simple advertising alone. It also has to make financial sense â€" it should not cost more to distribute the samples than is reasonable.

Promotion of Products Through Sampling

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Give Away Promotional Mugs to Earn Customers

Do you wish to earn the faith and friendship of your customers to build a long-term relationship? Give away promotional mugs; they are the friendliest promotional items. As compared to other well-liked product promotion items such as calendars, desktop clocks, pen pots, symposium folders, or writing pads, promotional mugs have a unique place of their own because these mugs show a personal touch. The receiver feels close to the giver. They serve them hot coffee or an iced tea, when they are drained due to a hectic work week, or after a demanding client meeting. The uniqueness of these mugs is that they are used for personal requirements. In any part of the world, people love to get a mug as a gift.

The most remarkable attribute of promotional mugs is their appearance. They are accessible in different patterns and colours. They are also available in certain unique shapes that help in attracting people, young or old, towards them.

Health Promotion

The use of a mug starts right in the morning, as soon as the user wakes up. With a fresh mind he/she savours their coffee and looks at the promotional mug that has a logo endorsed on it; the mind absorbs that brand name, immediately. Then, during the day, when the user faces cutthroat competition at the office, he/she is bound to get exhausted towards the day end. At this moment, when again the user drinks a hot cup of coffee or tea in a beautiful mug, it brings a smile to their face, trust me, it makes all the difference. The user will surely read the logo mentioned on that promotional mug, not just once, but repeatedly, with every sip. The heart fills with gratitude for the organisation, which gifted this. That is the time when it enters the brain of the user and stays there for quite a while. In marketing, it is believed that this exposure has highest impact on the user's mind and this brand recalling helps in winning customers.

By now, the power of the promotional mug to attract customer attention has become clear. Just like other promotional items, mugs customized with a brand name are a subtle, yet an elegant method to advertise your logo. Almost everybody likes to have coffee in an attractive mug, not because it tastes better but because it gives a warm feeling. That is the power of creativity.

Give Away Promotional Mugs to Earn Customers

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Personal Medical Journal - Take Notes to Capture the Highlights of Medical Appointments

Do as I say, not as I do

A personal medical journal is the perfect tool to bring with you to a medical appointment. With it, you can document all of the important information covered by your medical team. It works really well, if you remember to bring it with you.

Health Promotion

Some time ago, I was in to see my dermatologist. The exam was going very well until she noticed a suspicious area on my back. I was told that the lesion should be removed and biopsied. As soon as she said the word biopsy, my mind went blank. The exam ended, I felt numb and then I left the office; without taking a single note.

Clearly I failed to follow the advice I give in all of my seminars, "Take notes!" Later in the day, once I "regrouped", I called the doctor's office to ask all of the questions I should have asked during the exam. Oops!

It may also be helpful to:

1. Bring a friend or family member with you to help you remember exactly what the doctor said during the examination. It has been found that patients typically forget about one half of what their physician tells them during their visit.

2. Tape record the visit with your doctor and review it later. As a courtesy, be sure to ask your physician if this is okay.

Summarize the Visit

Before you leave the exam, be sure to ask your doctor to summarize the visit. It has been found that when patients and doctors take just 5 minutes to review major points and resolve questions, patients remember more and are more satisfied with the visit. You can then list this information in your personal medical journal. Remember "the palest ink is better than the most retentive memory"- Old Chinese Proverb.

Personal Medical Journal - Take Notes to Capture the Highlights of Medical Appointments

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Health Habits: Vitality Isn't Magical

Only The NEWSS Can Bring You Health And Vitality

You need to use your brain in renewing your personal vitality... but use it to discipline yourself toward productive health habits, not to engage in the sort of "magical thinking" that keeps some people fat and lacking energy.

Health Promotion

When your hand reaches for a doughnut, does your brain reach for the excuse, or the rationalization, that makes you believe eating junk is okay? If so, you have to fight that tendency... but you won't be alone in the fight.

This May's "Journal of Consumer Research" reported that overweight people often engage in "magical thinking" that undermines any efforts to restore their proper weight and vitality. As any fat person knows, being overweight carries not only health consequences, but social stigma as well. Magical thinking is a mechanism to cope with such pressures and societal expectations.

According to the Journal, such magical thinkers will often describe weight loss as being influenced by mysterious forces, such as a body that "conspires" against them or food that "seduces" them. Since our behavior is always controlled by our mindset, it's no surprise that the Journal reports such folks depend more on "luck" and "hope" than upon real disciplined effort. For instance, they rationalize "rewards," such as eating garbage snacks after having eaten cabbage soup all day. And they're very susceptible to fad diets, which often seem like "magical solutions" to the magical thinker.

It's not magic... it's effort. If you're serious about renewing your vitality and energy, put down the doughnut and pick up some personal discipline in the five key daily health habits I call "The NEWSS" - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements.

Other things you've done in your life, such as start a business or work for a promotion, are no more difficult (or magical) than The NEWSS. You just have to decide to do it, and be real about enacting your decision. Stop eating garbage, and instead live on a diet of fresh, real food. Exercise vigorously at least three times a week (and six would be better). Get two liters of water every day, and eight hours of sleep every night. And take at least one good supplement that provides a mix of vitamins, minerals, and cellular-level nutrients.

Get real discipline on The NEWSS, and your body will respond positively. It will ask for more fresh food, not for doughnuts. It'll want more exercise, not less. It'll give you the energy you need to accomplish the great things you want to do in your life, from running your business to playing with your kids. And though it might seem like magic, it will really be work and discipline that brings you true rejuvenation.

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Health Habits: Vitality Isn't Magical

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Promotional Pens For Hospital Staff Members

It is quite a challenge to find ways how to market a hospital because the perception with many is that a hospital is not a business and thus should not be marketed at all. But hospitals need marketing and they need to attract patients who are also their clients. Without marketing hospitals might lose out on business and this might hinder them from providing the essential service of health to people. This is why promotional pens are important marketing tools in the hands of hospital staff members.

With promotional pens in their hands, hospital staff members can help create visibility for the hospital. Promotional pens that have the name and the logo of the hospital will not only create awareness for the hospital but also helps to improve the image of the hospital in the eyes of patients and their relatives. Because professionalism is very important in everything including the management and the promotion of hospitals, a hospital must have a brand name that it protects and enhances to ensure it remains relevant. Promotional pens for hospital staff members will ensure that this professional image is maintained.

Health Promotion

Promotional pens present a hospital with a wonderful opportunity to put together a cheaper alternative marketing and advertising campaign. By distributing the pens to the staff at the hospital to push the drive towards giving the hospital an edge over its competition, the cost of the campaign is kept at a minimum while exposure is achieved at the maximum. People love branded pens and when the staff at the hospital carries these pens around; the pens will soon find a way into the hands of other people and will continue to increase awareness for the hospital.

There are some particular promotional pens that are manufactured for use in the health care industry that can also be given to the staff so that they can use them in their normal duties. Such pens are very good for gifting to the staff because not only will they work well for promos, but they will also be great for boosting the morale of staff. These pens are great because in hospitals there is always a need to maintain sanitation and for example a promotional metal pen that is completely clean and antiseptic is a good great for promotional campaigns in hospital environments.

It is easy to find promotional pens because there are many online vendors who deal with them. Promotional pens are also available in many different colors and styles and buying them in bulk would help ease their costs because wholesalers will always offer you cheaper rates. Promotional pens are very effective in marketing because they are portable and cheap. They can easily be branded and used for campaigns to advance the name of a hospital. However because hospitals are a little different to businesses, it would be advisable to find pens that are themed in the health care industry. Nonetheless, regardless of the nature of business or service, the idea of promotions is so that customers are reached and the impression is created in their minds and they are given enough information so that they can access the product or service. Promotional pens for hospital staff members will help achieve this.

Promotional Pens For Hospital Staff Members

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Health Related Articles Online

Over the last few years a number of article directory type websites have been created which have a mass of information about a variety of subjects. These subjects vary from web promotion and web design, travel, business as well as many more topics. The area that is of most interest to myself is health and I enjoy reading about other peoples experiences to similar problems that I also suffer from.

As well as reading about different writers experiences about things like speech impediments, many of these articles offer advice on how we can possibly solve these health problems. Where as in the past I would possibly go to the doctors or to the library, I now always find myself looking firstly on these article websites hoping to find some solutions.

Health Promotion

I have even wrote a number of articles about health related matters which I hope other readers will find beneficial. So far I have had quite a few e-mails from people from many different countries who have stated that they have enjoyed reading my articles. The internet seems to have a way of making the world seem a smaller place in this way.

If you have an issue with your health, I would certainly recommend that you take a read of some of these articles as some of the authors write in a very easy to read and interesting manner. I have to say however that there is also quite a lot of poor articles on some of these article directories but you are always going to get that I suppose, especially with the directories who do not check each article before accepting them.

There are a number of good quality article directories which I would recommend you start with such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleAlley, Searchwarp and ArticleDashboard. These are what are widely regarded by many people as the best of the article websites and are more likely to have weeded out the poorer type of articles.

I now feel that after reading so many articles about constipation that I am some sort of expert in this field. Going back to being serious again, there are so many health related subjects that have had articles written about them that I am confident that you will be able to find some useful information this way.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I have done and also hope that they are of benefit to you in finding solutions to your own health problems.

Health Related Articles Online

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will Going Back To School To Earn An Online Degree Help You Get A Better Job Or Promotion?

Adults going back to school may feel uncertainty about new challenges and requirements in their lives. They want to complete unfinished college degrees or to advance in their careers. Others are motivated by the need for increased financial worth. Some like the challenge of continual learning and intellectual growth to fulfill personal and work needs. Nontraditional students are adults returning to an online university for a higher education, do not fit into the young, living on campus, college student. Nontraditional students are adults over the age of 25, and have become the new trend in higher education at online universities.

Statistics from the U.S. Education Department's National Center for Education state that college admissions in colleges and universities are expected to climb from 18.2 million in 2007 to 20.6 million in 2018. The most significant growth will be among older students, minorities and women.

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Significant changes in an adult's life especially in their career can prompt the need for continuing college education. A few reasons could be being passed over for job promotions because of lack of skills, job requirements have changed, discontent within their company's hierarchy and the possibility of announced layoffs or mergers.

Personal motivation and self improvement is a high motivator for adult learners. Learning about new topics, studies or special interest is a reason for going back to college. Learning new technological skills not only increases their job security but helps them in the home. Learning about social trends could improve their involvement in community activism and volunteer work. The completion of an online degree could revolve around their career and simply be a desire to finish what they started.

Some adult learners begin a new college degree at the retirement stages of their life. Their involvement in new college studies fulfills a need for community engagement and provides the opportunity to stimulate intellectual growth. Others are motivated by a need for change especially with career prospects. Adult students may have decided midlife to transition into new career paths that require additional knowledge and accreditation for them to begin their change.

Nontraditional students have numerous college opportunities especially with the increase in online colleges and online degrees. Add in the potential for financial aid, scholarships, and grants, especially to specific groups such as minorities and women, and going back to school does not have to be an unfulfilled dream.

Many adults, especially during economic downturns, are returning to online universities to complete previous college degrees or to increase their financial worth. The American Council on Education states that higher education colleges and online universities experience a surge in college admissions during these times. Employed and unemployed workers return to school to advance their skills and seek to increase their appeal to their company or potential employers. The increase of online colleges and online degrees are making higher education accessible to returning students especially for those who continue to work and support their families.

Returning to school gives the adult learner a chance to improve their career skills or change career directions. Many returning students do so because of changes in job structure, being passed over for advancement, job requirement changes and possible layoffs or mergers in their company's future. In general, the higher the education a person holds means the higher the salary and better career security.

The potential for salary increase varies with the type of college degree you want depending upon the needs of your career field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with advanced degrees earn more than workers with a high school diploma or GED. The Bureau of Labor employment projections for 2008-2018 show that nearly half of all new jobs and one-third of total job openings will require a postsecondary college degree or award. Also projected is that 14 out of the 30 fastest growing occupations will require a bachelor's degree or higher.

College counselors through assessment services can provide valuable guidance when shopping for online universities and degrees. Be sure to find a personal counselor who can access multiple college searches within college programs such as transfer credits, cost comparisons, and accreditation.

Will Going Back To School To Earn An Online Degree Help You Get A Better Job Or Promotion?

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Monday, October 10, 2011

What is the Work of a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistant jobs are among the multi-skilled professionals who can work with other medical professionals. Medical assistants are trained professionals who can perform both administrative and clinical tasks given to them. Most of the time, these people are working under the supervision of a physician in a certain hospital. This is a kind of job which has various and unique duties. Usually, the work of a medical assistant greatly differs according to the size and location of the office that he or she is working with. If you are working in just a small barrio, then probably, you are just working like a secretarial duty, being a nursing aid and any works that induce laboratory works. You can also work into large offices; however, you will also change the duty that you are working in a certain area.

Some of these people can do patient and even laboratory work exclusively, while others are also working for medical records, bookkeeping and even in answering a phone call. Most of the time, medical assistants in small offices can handle all these tasks being mentioned. However, they usually work on private offices wherein clinical duties are among their jobs to do. Some of them are going to help the doctors in examining a certain patient, while others will also help in treating sick and ill patients in a certain hospital. They are also the ones responsible in writing down the patients' medical histories and even making a simple laboratory tests.

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They will also answer the patients question sometimes about the prescribed medicines and treatment that they should do at home. Aside from these works, assistant is also the ones who give injections, apply bandages, and even take X-rays to some of the patients. Thus, if we are going to consider all these duties, we can definitely say that being a Medical Assistant is not only a matter of being an assistant, however, you are being considered as a well-trained professional, and an expert also in the field of medicine. If you do not have the knowledge and the various trainings, for sure you cannot handle all the tasks that an assistant should do. Sometimes, assistants are also in charge of buying and in the maintenance of medical equipments inside the doctors' office. They can even act as the office managers, since they are also organizing the office of the doctor.

They are responsible in planning the doctor's busy schedule, greeting the patients, filing records and correspondence, and also typing letters and bills. They will also handle the insurance forms, handle tax records and even the medical records of the patients. If the doctor will going to request them to do laboratory tests upon the patient's admission, they will also need to do the task. However, if you are working in a large hospital clinic as a medical assistant, all these tasks are also being subdivided according to how many assistant are assigned. Just keep pace with the minimum requirements in order to become a medical assistant, and grab the job right away in any private or public medical clinic.

What is the Work of a Medical Assistant?


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Spa-Salon Marketing - 5 Great Promotional Ideas

Promotions are a great way to get your employees involved. Promotions build morale and momentum. Here are just a few more promotional options that you could be implementing. [See Promotions, Promotions - Part 1]

1. Staff Promotions: Yes, you should constantly promote your staff - to boost morale, reward hard workers and call client's attention to your employees' abilities. Staff promotions could include incentives, choosing a Stylist of the Month, displaying staff's educational certificates, and featuring a different staff member in each newsletter.

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As you can see, promotions will tend to overlap one another. A Father's Day theme promotion will also be a Target Group Promotion aimed at men; it may also be a Retail Promotion if you're including retail discount. Cross-promoting is an acceptable way of covering several bases. Just don't try to promote to every group on every level at once. Experience has taught that the more specific a promotion is, the easier it is to gauge the success of it, so you'll know whether it's worth doing again.

2. Make-Over Contest: Have clients and potential customers submit photos and letters explaining what they would like to change about their appearance and why they want to have a makeover. Select numerous candidates to undergo the transformation. Make sure you have a photographer on hand to capture the moments. Tie in your makeover contest with a local talk show. Some possible makeover categories are:
Mothers-to-Be Working Women Seasonal College-to-Career New Attitude Over 40 and Fabulous Sweet Sixteen Stylish at 60 Mother Daughter A Family Affair The client receives a free gift item (preferably a retail product) with a required minimum purchase.

3. PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE: Customers are able to buy a special promotional items at reduced savings. Some companies have used umbrellas, tote bags, and trial sizes of products, gym bags, cosmetic bags, clocks or watches. Make sure your promotional items are every bit as wanted as those the department stores offers.

4. FREE LIPSTICK CARDS: The customer may receive a complementary lipstick with any minimum purchase. The lipstick card is an ideal promotional item to distribute after making a presentation to a group of consumers. Try to keep the minimum purchase to a minimum to create foot traffic for the business. A free lipstick/lipgloss offer entices women to walk into your salon.

5. YEARLY COUPON CARD: The object of this promotion card is to establish consistent retail traffic. In order for customers to redeem the coupon for the free gift, they must first make a minimum retail (not service) purchase during the month. The base retail purchase requirement is beneficial for two reasons: Once the client starts to enjoy the free gift each month, she becomes accustomed to a little extra present at the end of each visit. Many clients will budget for their minimum requirement and systematically plan to restock their products monthly so they can take advantage of the coupon offer. It is fun for the client to go home with a little treasure.

Day Spa-Salon Marketing - 5 Great Promotional Ideas

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alternative & Complementary Therapies Meet Conventional Healthcare

The medical world is experiencing a shift in the way it treats health and disease. While alternative therapies were quickly dismissed by physicians as worthless or dangerous just a decade ago, alternative medicines are now beginning to earn mainstream attention. Physicians are beginning to realize that there is a relationship between a person's emotional, spiritual and mental state of mind and their physical health.

Many conventional doctors are beginning to integrate a holistic approach to their practice by addressing environmental, psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient. Biomedical, or modern-day medicine relies heavily upon curing disease through the use of chemically compounded pharmaceuticals. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) uses a more natural approach that includes herbal supplements, vitamins, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, guided imagery, homeopathic treatment, prayer, chelation therapy, massage, biofeedback, music therapy, exercise and fitness, hypnosis and other mind-body techniques and energy modalities that work with the body's natural ability to heal itself. Years ago if a person was using CAM therapies, he or she might have been reluctant to tell their medical doctor about it for fear of being shamed or lectured about the dangers.

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Additionally, physicians had little knowledge then about the alternative therapies and supplements their patients were using. Fortunately things have changed and a number of doctors are referring patients to some of the more prominent and well-known forms of CAM therapies that they believe are useful or effective. In 1997, Harvard Medical School reported that more than one third of the U.S. population was currently using some type of CAM therapy. But, that was nine years ago. In 2001, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that almost 70% of the population has at least tried some sort of CAM therapy along with conventional medicine. That trend is on the rise and will continue to affect future healthcare delivery, making an even greater demand for CAM therapies. This means that conventional doctors must be educated in the use of these modalities in order to know what their patient's are talking about. Why do people seek alternative and complementary medical care? It is believed that CAM would improve health when used in combination with conventional medical treatments.

Many people try CAM when conventional medical treatments have not helped or are too expensive. Some people are just plain curious, and others try CAM because a conventional medical professional suggested it. Some health insurance policies now cover chiropractic and massage as part of patient care, and CAM courses are appearing in the curriculum as part of academic medical education. Hospitals such as St. Thomas in Nashville, Tennessee are affiliating with alternative health and fitness facilities such as the YMCA of Middle Tennessee to integrate the two practices. The change is occurring but not without opposition.

The FDA wants to regulate all over-the-counter medications including the herbs and homeopathic remedies. The FDA would like to place supplements under government control as "prescription only" products. The FDA is not concerned about people overdosing on Flintstones. It has more to do with the pharmaceutical industry being one of the country's biggest taxpayers and therefore one of the most influential lobbyists. It is up to those of us who use alternative modalities to protect our rights as citizens. It is the right of each individual to maintain a healthy body, and it is time for each of us to take responsibility and action -- for our own health and the sake of our children's -- by increasing our awareness, reading books and articles, researching and getting involved. The FDA needs to know where the people stand. Write to your Congressperson today.

Alternative & Complementary Therapies Meet Conventional Healthcare

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Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Work From Home Doing Medical Billing and Coding!

If you're thinking about doing medical billing and coding and working from home there are a few things you want to know. First of all do you have the ability or skills or training in order to be able to process claims for doctors, dentists or large clinics.

To process claims at home you'll either have to be in business for yourself or make some arrangement with your employers to work at home. The employer in this case would be the doctor, dentist or other health professional or clinic that needs medical billing service. This may be difficult to do if you haven't had the proper training and don't have the right medical billing software.

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Many people who do work from home doing medical billing and/or coding generally have their own business. They have started home businesses after getting the right training. (Coding requires separate training and certification may be required by some employers.)

It would probably be difficult to get on-the-job training and more than likely you'll have to get training through online courses, programs or schools or on campus locally where you live. There is a national exam for certification as a Medical Billing Specialist that would probably be required by most companies seeking your service. Plus after you get some training you'll want on-the-job experience so you can learn the ropes. You want to know what you're doing before you work alone at home.

So one of the things you can do is call some of the clinics in your area and find out whether they do their medical billing and coding in-house or whether they send it out to a billing service. If they do it in-house, ask if they hire people to do additional billing for them at home either by contracting out to you or hiring you to work at home and they would act as employer. There may be a lot of variation in practices in different geographical areas. So best to call and see what you can find out.

So now you may know a little bit more about whether you want to work from home doing medical billing and coding. When you do decide that you do need some training, there is federal government money available for online courses as well as on-campus. So you want to check out medical billing training online and local colleges. Be careful of any scams that may be operating. Read the fine print and don't sign up for any courses you don't need.

How to Work From Home Doing Medical Billing and Coding!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Medical Assistant Duties

What comprises medical assistant duties? Are you hiring or are you someone who wants to go into medical assisting? It is not really hard to imagine what to put into a medical assistant job description. Duties will vary depending on what area the medical assistant is working in.

Medical assistant duties range from welcoming patients to doctor's practices to giving injections and even to some filing of documentation.

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In a dental practice a medical assistant will prepare instruments needed for treatment like sterilizing and aid the dentist in the procedures. They also organize all client documentation and fix appointments.

In a pediatric practice they may give injections and do filing and handle the administrative duties. In other setting assistants may help doctors to make research on cases, and in big hospitals assistants handle most of the documentation.

Other assistants will be confined to the lab to make investigation that will help doctors to diagnose patients accurately. They work with samples like blood and tissue and test them to find what ails the patients. This can be dangerous so one has to be extremely careful not to get contaminated by these samples and to follow all safety procedures received in training.

If you are not really excited about working in the hospital environment or around ill people, you can opt to be a medical transcriptionist that you can do online in the comfort of your home. A transcriptionist types out a doctor's notes or instructions from an audio source so they can form part of the patient record.

An ophthalmologist assistant helps with the taking of eye tests, instruct patients on contact lenses use and care and can also make dressings and give medications. They also take care of the equipment.

Medical assistants also help doctors to make research on diseases to make complex diagnoses. They can do library searches and also online research. They help doctors collect samples for investigation like draw blood and other samples.

Medical assistants ensure the smooth running of doctors' offices making sure patient information is filed away accurately, fix appointments, make sure all needed equipment are clean and in working order and that the offices are in a condition to receive patients. They can also give medications and advise patients on how to make them.

It is up to you to choose what you like to do best. Get some training and get certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants ; in this way you can get the best job around. There is a chance to advance to other positions in the medical field. Louis Zhang, Certifiedmedicalassistanttraining dot com.

Medical Assistant Duties

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Health Benefits of Ornithine

A weakened immune system and lack of growth hormone easily predisposes you to succumb fast to illness. You will become more prone to sickness and your cells won't be able to regenerate fast enough to speed up healing processes. In order to help combat this situation, the amino acid ornithine is a supplement that you need. It works by strengthening your immune system against diseases. Also, it helps by stimulating the human growth hormone secretions.

The advantages of using this amino acid are diverse. Ornithine works together with arginine, another amino acid, to help increase muscle mass. These amino acids decrease body fat and at the same time helps stimulate muscle development.

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Another benefit that ornithine gives to the body is it helps reduce ammonia levels which are products brought about by breakdown of muscle cells during exercise. The presence of ammonia may lead to the promotion in the formation and accumulation of lactic acid which causes pain after performing intense workout routines.

In order to prevent or reduce the pain, ornithine supplements are taken. As such, ornithine is an efficient sports supplement because it provides the athlete with the energy and protein needed to sustain him during the rigorous activities.

Since ornithine is a non-essential amino acid, your body can produce it. But sometimes the amount may not be sufficient to meet with your daily activities. In order to enhance ornithine levels in your body, you should eat ornithine-rich food such as meat, dairy products, fish, and egg. These food products have a healthy supply of ornithine that is needed especially for those who engage in body building or rigorous exercise.

This is also helpful if you are undernourished which may ultimately cause the weakening of the immune system.Aside from food products, you can also take in food supplements and tablets that provide you with ornithine. Although side effects have not been reported with the intake of the supplement and the ones that come in tablet form, there have been cases of stomach distress. It is always best to ask your doctor about it.

To sum it all up, ornithine is considered to be an important amino acid for the body. It is especially recommended for people who indulge in strenuous exercise, for those with weakened immune systems, and those who generally want a healthy body. If you manage to balance out your ornithine levels, you will receive adequate energy in order to continuously enjoy performing the activities that you love doing.

The Health Benefits of Ornithine

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Health Recruitment Specialists - Finding the Right Job

Specialist recruitment agencies are incredibly beneficial in your search for a job in the health care industry. It might be satisfying to find an excellent job on your own but sometimes that is impossible as your current job may take up all your time. Health recruitment specialists can find you the perfect job you have been looking for and they do all the work for you. Their expertise provides a necessary understanding of the health industry and they will know exactly what you are looking for. They will also be able to advise you on what you need to do in order to get the job.

The benefits of using health recruitment specialists are that the agency will have worked with other sectors of the health industry and will thoroughly understand the requirements you need. They also have connections within the industry that you could never obtain without using a specialist agency. These connections and the inside knowledge are what make health employment agencies a cut above your average employment agency. On top of this, if you do not currently live in the country you wish to work, the agency working for you can give advice and support on things like immigration and professional registration, plus other things you may need to know about living and working in the new country.

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One reason for why people are moving towards using specialised employment agencies is that those seeking employment have realised companies who have openings for employment take their positions to the agencies first. So you have a higher chance of getting the job you want if you sign up to the right agency. If companies cannot fill the position via the agency then they proceed to the more traditional method of looking through applications. By connecting yourself to a specialised health recruitment agency, you will ensure that your application is more viable and creditable as employers are more inclined to hire applicants who are working through companies they trust. It is essentially like having an insider on the job making sure that you get exactly what you need.

Health recruitment specialists are also enormously beneficial in that they can assist you with any immigration problems and give advice on housing or other needs you might come across if you are searching for work in another country. They will aim to help you settle into your new job and home with ease, whereas if you were on your own, the lack of support could hamper your chances of finding a job at all and settling in.

Health Recruitment Specialists - Finding the Right Job

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Urgent Care Medical Center - An Overview

An immediate care center manages minor afflictions and injuries in a health care center. It usually offers after-hours and walk-in medical care, no scheduled visit needed, outside of a hospital-based emergency room (ER). Ugent care medical centers are normally open after-hours, and give the same services as a family or primary health care provider. Most urgent care facilities provide you with the following: general health care, occupational medicine, x-ray's, lab's, vaccines, school and sports physicals and limited on-site prescription medications.

General Medical Treatment. General medical care comprises physical checkups, routine gynecologic care and/or birth control care, infant check-ups, medical monitoring of serious types of conditions and follow-up for minor illnesses or personal injuries. A large percentage of immediate care centers provide people with extensive urgent-medical care for many kinds of of medical needs, prioritizing and streamlining treatments to serve all patients. The rapid triage program specifies individual's needs to expedite urgent care correctly.

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Occupational Medicine. Occupational Medicine is the branch of clinical medicine most involved in the field of Occupational Health. Its principal purpose is the provision of health advice to enterprises and patients to ensure that the highest Health and Safety at Work standards can be achieved and looked after. Occupational Doctors should have an extensive knowledge of clinical medicine and be competent in many vital areas. Urgent care medical centers continually focus on the promotion and upkeep of the highest degree of physical, psychological and social health of personnel in all types of occupations.

X-rays, Laboratory and Vaccines. The majority of urgent care clinics have X-rays, labs, and medicinal drug dispensaries so you can receive complete care at one place.

School and Sports Physical Exams. Required school and sports physicals can be gotten at primary or immediate care treatment centers. In the sports medicine field, the sports physical examination is referred to as a pre-participation physical examination. The examination will help determine whether it is safe for you to get involved in a particular sport activity. Most states demand that kids and adolescents have a sports physical before starting up a new sport or commence a new competitive season.

On-site Prescriptions. Immediate medical care could possibly prescribe medication to be able to achieve relief. The majority of urgent care clinics even have direct contact to a nearby pharmacy which they can call so you do not need to personally go there and stand in long line. Your prescription medication can be instantly brought to you.

Make sure you bear in mind that your first option for medical care is not usually the immediate department. Your primary care provider ought to be the first person to check with, unless it is a critical medical emergency. Your primary physician has the relationship and health records that serve you better when there's a need for a non-urgent care. You may also call house call doctors if you ever are in need of medical attention.

Urgent Care Medical Center - An Overview

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tips to Putting Together an Effective Promotional Budget

Successful companies view the budgeting process as an integral part of their operations. Accounting for projected costs of items from promotional pens to planned advertising are critical to both expense planning and control. Generally, there are 3 different approaches to budgeting.

First, companies may budget their expenses as simply a percentage of sales revenues. In this situation, organizations may allocate a portion of their total revenues to various functions, for example 35% to marketing, 30% to cost of goods sold, and 35% to overhead.

Health Promotion

Second, organizations may prefer to target a certain percentage increase or decrease over the prior year's spend based on various factors such as projected sales growth, changes in the industry, and planned expense changes in other areas such as research and development and overhead.

Finally, some firms budget their marketing expenses on an item by item basis. When using this process, it's important to ensure that your marketing budget is inclusive of all marketing related expenses such as marketing salaries, advertising expenses, promotional products, printing and mailing costs, online marketing and public relations expenses.

One area that is sometimes overlooked is expenses related to the importance of branding. Even though measuring your direct return on investment may be more difficult with branding type expenses, branding needs to be a key element of your marketing strategy. Studies have conclusively shown that stronger brands foster greater customer awareness, retention and loyalty.

There are many ways to promote your brand. One particularly effective low-cost method is through the distribution of advertising specialty items featuring your logo or tag line, such as promotional pens, logo mugs, and personalized mousepads. Popular examples of how companies leverage the power of this type of branding are logo golf pencils and promotional pens given out free to customers and clients.

Tips to Putting Together an Effective Promotional Budget

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Promotional Hamburger Shaped Stress Balls at Trade Prices

Promotional stress balls are some of the most popular promotional items you can use to promote your business. Food shaped stress balls are ideal for promoting restaurants, healthy eating campaigns and many other important messages. The hamburger shape is very much sought after and loved by many. When you give your clients or employees one of the logo printed stress balls you can expect to receive a big smile in return. Before you order a large quantity, however, read the following to ensure your receive the best value for your money.

The first thing to consider is where to find the lowest prices and best quality products. Many people tend to go to their normal promotional gifts supplier but this could be quite expensive. Most promotional gift suppliers sell promotional stress balls but they do not specialise in these fun promotional products.

Health Promotion

To get the lowest prices, you want to find a company that actually imports promotional stress toys directly from the Far East factories that produce them. Often this is easier said than done depending on where you do business but a good supplier should be able to supply you regardless of where you call home. They can have the stress toys manufactured to order and shipped anywhere in the world.

The next important thing to consider is colour. Not many people know this but you can have your promotional stress balls manufactured to order and they could actually cost you less than ordering stress balls that are held in stock. Pantone matching is not a problem so you can choose to have your hamburger stress balls manufactured in your company colours instead. This can result in a really eye-catching stress toys that will build your brand like few low cost promotional products can. I must say that I have seen some pretty interesting promotional stress ball hamburgers leave the factory.

It is also important to know who you want to print your hamburger stress relievers. Promotional stressballs can be imprinted in two different ways: pad printing and transfer printing. A good promotional stress toy supplier should be able to show you examples of both methods.

Personally I prefer transfer printing. With transfer printing it is possible to Pantone match logo colours and also print in brilliant full colour. Transfer prints are similar to a very high quality permanent decal that is applied by hand.

Pad printing on the other hand is machine applied. This is good for simple one or two colour logos and also when printing your logo in the same exact place on every hamburger stress toys is important.

Have you ever used promotional hamburger stress relievers to promote your business? Was it a success for you? Were you happy with the quality of the products? Did you ask to see samples before you purchased? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts

Promotional Hamburger Shaped Stress Balls at Trade Prices

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