Friday, September 30, 2011

Promotional Bags - Sling a Billboard Over Your Shoulder

Promotional bags provide one of the best ways to get your message out among the people. The bigger the bag, the better, as every time someone slings one over their shoulder, they become a veritable billboard for your company or organization. A simple canvas tote can provide the perfect backdrop for your company logo or business information. Many promotional merchandise companies can handle the entire production process of your bags, from creating a unique design to printing it on the side of bags they themselves provide.


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Any gathering of a large number of people can provide the perfect place to distribute your promotional bags. Conference attendees often need to carry their books, notepads and conference information sheets around from one meeting room to another. If you step in and provide these attendees with attractive bags emblazoned with your company information, they will more than likely accept and use them with gratitude.


School sporting events are a great place to distribute promotional bags, as many men and women will be eager to support anything that benefits their children. Offer to donate money to the sports departments of local schools, if they will agree to distribute your bags at their next event. You may be surprised at how willing many schools will be willing to oblige you and you may even be able to establish a long-standing and mutually beneficial business relationship with several schools in your area.


Everyone loves getting swag at concerts and many men and women will be delighted to take home one of your bags free of charge. Distributing your bags at concerts will saturate a completely different demographic than most standard distribution arenas, and can spread word about your company far and wide, as many people travel great distances to listen to their favorite bands play live.

Promotional Bags - Sling a Billboard Over Your Shoulder


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Health Writer - How to Hire One

Health-writer can do a lot for your website. If you are looking for a health writer then it is a good idea to read this article. Here are some tips which should be considered by a webmaster while hiring a health writer for a website or a blog. A health writer should have good experience in his field. You should always request for previous articles written by the writer you are planning to hire. This will help you in knowing his writing style. Your writer should have a medical background. People with a medical background are aware of medical terminology.

The articles created by the health writer should be keyword optimized. The articles should have all the main keywords which are used by the internet users to find the product or services you are offering. Keyword optimized articles can attract lots of visitors from search engines. The person who will be writing for your website or blog should have enough information about your blog or website. It is a good idea to spend some time with him. You should discuss all your expectations with him before starting a new project.

Health Promotion

Finding a health-writer is a bit difficult task and needs some research. You can go through some websites which are offering freelance services. All these websites have profiles of freelancers working in different fields. Nowadays writers are building their own blogs for displaying their writing styles and for receiving orders. So what are you waiting for now? Just follow some tips which I have stated above and find a professional writer for your website or a blog.

Health Writer - How to Hire One

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Email Marketing Services - The New Form of Promotion

Everyone knows that the primary use of Emails is communication. You send emails to your friends and your friends reply that. Is that not so? But now things have changed to a great extent with the growth of Internet and with the advent of online marketing. Now Internet marketing is affecting the lives of people. Since they are doing online shopping for buying many items. Many companies are involve in solving daily problems of people, be it home related, financial, health-related or some other problems, through Emails.

People also respond to these Emails and they prefer an Email as the most effective medium to know anything about various products and services. If you are interested in promoting your products through Emails then you can use various Email marketing services. These services ensure that your products get good promotion and reach to masses in short time. These are efficient tools and work great for the sake of brand awareness and brand promotion. An email is extremely cost-effective as a marketing tool and when used properly it can improve your market presence to great levels.

Health Promotion

It hardly makes any difference if your business is big, small or medium. Even if your business is 1 day old then also you can use it easily for brand awareness. An Email marketing services company can let you know how you can use it to communicate more information frequently to your online prospects. Through email campaigns companies use newsletters, customer promotion letters, latest sale notifications, new service announcements, invitations and greetings to develop curiosity in the prospects. These campaigns prevent your customers from leaving your company and so this is how you build a relationship with them over time. This is the best way to beat your competitors.

Furthermore, you can also add coupons or helpful hints in an email message and send it to your prospects. These activities motivate them. You can take the help of an Email marketing services company for this also. Through these services you can give your brand an edge in a tough and competitive online market. You can either choose bulk-email marketing or opt-in or permission-based campaign. Learn more about them through an Internet marketing company.

Email Marketing Services - The New Form of Promotion

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Starting a Cake Decorating Business - Advertising and Promotion, Part 3

You've baked the cake - it's delicious. You have practised and developed your decorating skills to the point where even you are impressed by your spectacular creation. Now all you need is to let everyone else know what you are capable of, and that you are available for their weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion that needs a professional quality cake as a centrepiece. Here are some more promotional ideas for your cake decorating business.

Get to know local cafe and restaurant managers Many of these do catering for special occasions and celebrations - either as in-house functions, or as outside catering arrangements - and are always on the lookout for people to create cakes for them. Show them some good photos, or even samples of your work, and ask them to keep in touch with you regarding opportunities they may have. Become their 'go to person' for cakes.

Health Promotion

Enter competitions Showing your cakes in local agricultural shows or baking competitions is a very good way of getting your name and abilities known, and also gives you a chance to compare your skills and product with others in the field. If you win prizes, this gives added impact when mentioned in your advertising material, and can even get a mention in the local paper. Don't underestimate this avenue of promotion - there is a lot of opportunity here.

Do a few "freebies" It doesn't hurt to make and decorate the odd cake for free - perhaps family functions, or maybe the anniversary of a society or club you are a member of - this is another good promotional opportunity, especially if you are just starting out. Make sure everyone knows who made the cake - you are likely to be attending these functions as a guest, so don't be shy of doing a bit of self promotion. If the MC or person cutting the cake thanks you publicly, make sure you are seen so everyone knows who you are. This will lead to conversation and give you further opportunity to promote yourself and hand out your card. Remember that everyone attending these functions has their own networks independently of this, so word of mouth can spread exponentially. (And don't forget that the cost of freebies are a legitimate tax deduction as a promotional expense!)

Use a follow up letter to secure repeat business A few weeks after you have decorated a cake for a client, send them a follow up letter thanking them for their custom and enquiring as to their satisfaction with your service. A brief questionnaire may be useful here. Include a business card and a brochure, and invite them to contact you with any future requirements they may have. Repeat business is the lifeblood of any commercial enterprise, and the cake decorating business is in a unique position to take full advantage of this. Everyone has a birthday each year, every company has people retiring at some stage, and even though weddings are a one off, they generate an anniversary each year that many people like to celebrate formally. The opportunities are endless.

Monitor engagement announcements in your local newspaper If you are working in the wedding niche, this is a great source of clients for your cake decorating business. Most people announce their engagement a considerable time before the wedding, so they may not have started their planning yet. Now is the time to strike - find contact details by using the telephone directory and get your name and your business details to them.

Starting a Cake Decorating Business - Advertising and Promotion, Part 3

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Your Health Insurance Rates Increase

If you look closely at your own personal health insurance rates, you'll probably notice that over a length of time they are quite likely to go up. You may already know that health insurance premiums tend to increase over time, but these jumps in cost can present a significant financial strain for somebody who is on a tight budget. In order to best understand when your rates will increase in the future, it is important to spend some time learning about how medical insurance rates are calculated and why they sometimes go up.

While a lot of us notice our insurance rates going up, we very rarely, if ever, see them going down. Premiums very rarely fall. Like any other business, the health care industry is profoundly affected by inflation. As the cost of living rises, the cost of medical care rises with it. This means that insurance companies are forced to raise their rates to avoid losing money.

Health Promotion

Another reason why you may find yourself paying more for medical coverage is that you are costing your insurance company money. The more claims you make, the more money the company needs to spend on you. This makes you, to some extent, a financial liability. So if you make claims often your company will raise your rates. Because of this fact, the same individuals who need medical insurance the most are the ones who often wind up straining to make their monthly payments after a sudden increase in their insurance rates.

To protect themselves, insurance companies usually offer higher rates to different people based on the frequency of which those customers are likely to make claims. This is why individuals with chronic conditions like asthma, vision problems, or diabetes will probably have higher rates than people without similar afflictions. Additionally it is the reason why people who smoke and are therefore more likely to have smoking- related health problems, have higher insurance premiums than most non- smokers.

These are some of the major reasons why you may be paying higher insurance rates.

Why Your Health Insurance Rates Increase

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Promotional Strategies - Using Brochures For a Day Spa

Promote your day spa business and persuade people to come and try the services you offer. Brochures are good print materials you can use for promotion. It is a versatile channel in creating a buzz because it can function in several ways promoting your day spa to customers. Promotional strategies can boost sales and generate more customer visits for your business. Listed below are the benefits and functions you can develop in using brochures on your day spa promotion.

Functions of Brochure in Day Spa Promotion

Health Promotion

o Advertising. The persuasive presentation of the products and services you offer on your brochures attracts potential local market for your spa. Advertising using brochures gives you the chance of exposing your spa to the people in your community. Distribute your brochures to the specific market you have planned to be your desired consumers.

o Sales promotion. Using brochures in sale promotion can stimulate sales. This marketing activity extra value to your sales force and to your ultimate consumer thus increasing the number of sales for your day spa. You can use your brochures to communicate to the public the trial services that you offer. Make it exclusive by only accepting those who have received your brochures to make the process more professional. Put instructions on your brochures that they need to present the print material to avail your free service limited offer.

o Public relations. Establish and sustain the positive image of your day spa using brochures as your PR tool. Giving a positive feeling on your customers will add to your credibility and trustworthiness therefore, they there is a better tendency that they will patronize your spa other than your competitors. On your brochures, you can tips on how they can take good care of their health and body. It will reflect the services that they can avail from your business.

o Direct marketing. Deal with your customers directly using brochures to generate an instant response or transaction from them. This is cost efficient since your spa communicates directly to your customers other than using expensive channels for communication like TV, radio or billboards. You can use your brochures as membership form that your consumers can fill-up and return to your day spa.

Promotional Strategies - Using Brochures For a Day Spa


Friday, September 23, 2011

Medical Transport Company Index

When it comes to creating a non-emergency medical transportation business, it is important to choose an appropriate name. Many business owners overlook the importance that a name can play in developing a brand. The right name can help make a good first impression on the people in your market and can help build long term relationships and reputation.

Do not make the mistake and to make this important decision until the last minute, like other entrepreneurs. Togethersome thought coming with a big name, Ambulette companies will also serve to develop and grow over the years.

Health Promotion

Here is a list of points that you consider how you can go about the process of naming your non-emergency medical transportation (business NEMT).

Relevance and professionalism

A great name should be relevant to what your company does. Instead of something obscure that people can imagine, you can also use the words "doctor"and "transport" in the title. In this way immediately communicate to people exactly what you do.

You could also, in other words, that a broader definition of your services. It can be a good idea to avoid too specific, however, how you can change the business model across the board and offer a different part of the market.

They look like the qualities that people in a medical transportation industry will of course professionalism and reliability. Your name shouldconvey confidence in people and let them know that actually have a reliable operation that is necessary for the operation of a safe and reliable service Ambulette. For this reason, many small business owners use their own name or as part of their name.

Be unique, original and memorable

While the "transport" is almost unique in the industry, can be combined with other words, to something new and original, to compile. Take a look at whatother local non-emergency medical transportation companies have made with their names and make sure the name clearly differentiates your business from them.

A great name should be memorable. In addition to the people a good first impression, it should be fairly easy and catchy enough that it is long term in their minds. Create a list of names and then run some of your friends and colleagues to find out what a positive influence on them. Ask themabout the name again after a few days and see what I can remember.


It 'also important to consider legal issues when it comes to think of a name. You must make sure that the name not already in use by other companies in the sector. Perform a name for the database, looking into your personal business center and do a thorough check online to make sure that the selection will not make youMeeting legal issues down the road.

Practical and functional

A good choice for the names are usually short and practical. A short name is more memorable and more practical when it comes to use on business cards or use them to answer the phone. Not with words, to spell or pronounce difficult to be confusion.

You can even have a name that works well as an acronym. For example, "Sacramento Transportation Services" STS are requiredshort.

Note that you want to get a website created at a certain time. Before finalizing your choice and record a name for your business you should also take all the domain names in question.

Brainstorming ideas

To help with some ideas as put together a great list of relevant words. These words may, at your location, your industry, your market or service that will be obtained. You could also go with words in terms of reliability andCordiality that describe your service. Emotional-sounding words can also have a strong influence.

And your thoughts, you can also ask other people for their opinion. Look at some of the names that other ambulance companies throughout the world use for ideas. The names used by companies in the transportation and medical industries can also inspiration.

Some entrepreneurs even in branding or marketing consultants to help them come tocorrect name and brand image, before entering into business. It might be a good idea to seek professional help if you really feel that you are not up to this important task.

A name to be proud of

Perhaps more importantly, the owner of the business, to love the name. You ideally need a name that feels proud to be associated link. The right choice should inspire, help you to focus on business development, and make you want to work hard to grow your brand.

OnceHave you started your business is not easy to modify and make changes to your name. If so then you will encounter many costs associated with changes in paperwork and printing promotional material. Change your business is one of the best ways to confuse and isolate your customers, if the process is handled with care.

For these reasons, it is imperative that you make sure you have a great name for your non-urgent medical transport is justbeginning. Give this important decision, the time and attention it deserves.

Medical Transport Company Index

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Promotional Cool Gift Ideas

If you think it's time for the image of your company had a little 'to rebuild, why not try a couple of tributes to arouse public interest in your brand? There are many different elements that are distributed for less than $ 2 each, to give great gifts to make a public event or traffic lights have done. There are many different items to choose from, and is simply one that really says a lot about your company and to do what you find. Here are some ideas that you might likeTry the following:

Everything to do with beer

Health Promotion

Coasters, sleeve cooling beer, coolers, beer, port construction with straw hats whirlwind - all that can be shown that the simple act of a beer with friends, fun and more interesting to imagine. These items are always popular with the guys, and collect a lot of men. Products that have something to do with beer, are always popular at sporting events or in bars. If your logo and design is the most recognizable in the spaceHundreds of excited people have of the brand by the end of the evening.

Promotional Items Company

If you use large corporate customers and high pressure, the leaders have to do, coasters are not easy to cut. You have to think big and think luxury. Genuine leather laptop bags make great promotional items to give managers and customers, especially if the bag did bear the name of the person in an elegant brass plate. Other ideas are engraved pens, mobile phones BluetoothPhone accessories and laptop and desktop toys, reduce stress and promote your brand at the same time!

Outdoor Goods

Give outdoor themed products is a great way to get your brand, sell your product you are promoting. Good ideas are cooler bags, backpacks, umbrellas, chairs, camping equipment, handheld GPS gadget, and much more. Most of these products can be mass produced for a few dollars (with the exception of GPS) and are excellent gifts for anyoneenjoys spending time outdoors. If you start with these types of objects at sporting events or large public gatherings your brand not only by people who enter, the objects will be exhibited, but everyone else there is.

Food promotions

Food gifts make great gifts to give out, business at a company party, golf day or other, on one occasion. They are excellent 'Thank You' gifts, and can be tailored to the preferences of the person makingtoo. Just be what you know this person consumed with pleasure, and if they have allergies. Safe in doubt, do not give meat products, and keep dry goods and fruit. A good idea is to create a cookbook with simple recipes that can be done with the freebies in the basket of food, close.

Promotional Cool Gift Ideas


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Basics Behind Health Coaching Certification Programs

A health coach is often employed by a person who has some type of chronic illness. This isn't always the case though, sometimes people need a coach to guide them through making healthy changes on their own. These coaches become models in the area of self awareness and are able to engage in a caring relationship with the person being coached. People who enjoy this type of work have to complete one of the many health coaching certification programs offered, either online or in a traditional classroom.

People who are already licensed health care providers can train to be health coaches, but this isn't a certification in health coaching. The types of professionals who seek health coach training include; physicians, nurses, health care administrators, physical therapists, massage therapists, pastoral care associates, psychotherapists, and social workers. This training can take anywhere from several weeks to a more comprehensive 12 month program and it also includes many classes that are necessary for certification.

Health Promotion

The certification program may include specific training modules that must be completed, in order to gain certification for health coaching. After taking all the required courses, there is an application for a health coach certificate that must be submitted within the following year's time. Besides turning in proof of course completion and the application, there are a few other steps that need to be taken before certification can be achieved.

One online program requires that a person seeking certification must show proof that he/she has been employed as a health coach for 6 months or been paid for at least 60 hours of health coaching. An application fee of 250 dollars needs to be submitted, as well as the following; current resume, 3 references from professionals, sample contract for a client, written description of some sort of scope of professional service, and promotional materials.

Once all the proper documentation has been gathered and is ready for submittal, there is an evaluation of skill that needs to take place. The person applying for certification will need to demonstrate the following:

Understanding of how to practice emotional wellness Ability to avoid prescriptions and medical diagnosis A vision for what their Health Coaching practice will be Ability to be non-judgmental and work with this type of attitude Ability to perform a Health Coaching Assessment Understanding of several health strategies Ability to listen in both a somatic and verbal manner The seven classes necessary for health coaching certification include a course on the basic fundamentals, skills needed, personal mastery, personal mastery partnership in coaching, the business of coaching, how to coach from an integrative health perspective, and the seven steps of change.

At least 80 percent of these classes need to be attended in order to gain certification. If any classes are missed, the person enrolled in the course must listen to the tapes of the missed class.

There is a lot involved in attending health coaching certification programs; above is an example of just one, but the benefits are fantastic. Being able to help others through their feelings of powerlessness against the physical and emotional issues they may be going through is a great feeling.

A certified health coach is generally more qualified and better recognized as a professional in the health and wellness industry.

The Basics Behind Health Coaching Certification Programs

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 Sweepstakes and Contest Promotion Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

We all know sweepstakes and promotions are a great way for companies to attract new customers and gain brand name recognition. However, if you screw up your promotion by making these 9 mistakes, your business could suffer both financial damages and public humiliation. Be sure to avoid the following 9 mistakes before launching your promotion:

Mistake 1 - A Misleading Set of Rules

Health Promotion

Your promotion must have a clear set of rules for participants. Official rules are considered an enforceable contract between sponsors and participants. If your rules are misleading, you face potential legal action from participants who are supposed to be happy customers.

Mistake 2 - Not Sticking to the Rule

What good are a solid set of official rules if your business decides to change them after launch? Once drafted, your rules must stay the same or your business could face serious issues with both regulators and consumers.

Mistake 3 - Unintentionally Creating a Sweepstakes

If your promotion is something like a "First 100 to Respond" or a "First to 50" it will be considered a sweepstakes. Is this your intention? If it is, make sure it has a comprehensive set of rules. If not, specific disclosures and registration in certain states is necessary. Make sure you know if your promotion is set up like a contest or a sweepstakes.

Mistake 4 - Your Contest Is Not Based on "Skill"

If your promotion is a contest, then it must be based on "skill" or the winner must be able to determine the outcome. In others words, it cannot be based on chance. A promotion where the winner is chosen by the sponsor is not based on skill and therefore would be considered a sweepstakes.

Mistake 5 - Your Sweepstakes Involves Consideration

An illegal lottery consists of the 3 elements of a prize, chance, and consideration. In order for a promotion to be based on chance, consideration must be removed from the equation. This is as simple as offering a zero cost based alternative of entry to the purchase method. This is tricky so you need to get this right.

Mistake 6 - Your Wireless Promotion Is Considered an Illegal Lottery

Any time your promotion participants are involved in texting or receiving texts, your promotion faces the chance of being deemed an illegal lottery. Why? It is due to the relative nominal cost of sending and receiving regular text messages. Your promotion should have an alternative entry method, either online or offline.

Mistake 7 - You Allow Consumer Created Content
Allowing your customers (consumers) to create content can mean a whole heap of trouble. First, you have no control of what consumers do with or say about your products unless you have a screening process before allowing them to post content. Second, you may not be able to control the integrity of the submissions. How do you know the content is original and does not break copyright infringement laws? Make sure you really have some solid control mechanisms in place so you avoid this costly mistake.

Mistake 8 - Your Employees are Poorly Trained

Whether it is someone who answers the phone or a seasoned store manager, you are at the mercy of your employees. Make sure your employees are well versed in the rules, know how to access the rules, or know where to send your participants for the correct information.

Mistake 9 - Your Winner Is Not Happy

Picking or declaring a winner should be the easy and fun part. What happens if it all goes horribly wrong? What if you mistakenly name a winner before the promotion is over or you name the wrong winner? These are important mistakes to avoid because they can turn an exciting publicity opportunity in to a horrible public relations nightmare.

9 Sweepstakes and Contest Promotion Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paintings: Ally neglected health promotion site

According to a 2007 American Journal of Health Promotion article "Head beliefs regarding worksite health promotion: results of the Working Group for the project Healthy 2" managers at all levels in companies with existing corporate wellness programs, assess the benefits, promotion of the health of employees is less than managers whose companies do not have such programs.

This is unfortunate, because the managers who are primarily the central managementmuch more than the donors for permission to encourage employees to attend classes. They can be valuable allies ... program or saboteurs. Corporate wellness professionals should pay attention to these managers and maintain a close relationship. A manager of support and commitment to create the conditions in their work group to make and maintain changes in lifestyle.

Health Promotion

Responsible attitude 'towards being in general, in one of five categories:

Active 1 Fans

Passive 2Passionate

3 Neutral

Inactive 4 Opponents

5 active Opponents

One of them still move up one level in the direction of collecting a sample of great benefit for the program.

Most managers are inclined to use the wellness program back, but remain inactive in their support. From managers to understand and develop the ability to fulfill their missions, they will feel more comfortable with their roles. At this point, managers also have significant opportunitiesto participate, which are under their jurisdiction, which pick up the ball and run with it.

Obviously the vision was for the welfare organization. Discover the role the company well in the past. Each company has a unique story - as did the people pulling together to overcome obstacles and help each other to get the company where it is today? Presentation of the vision of the wellness program for managers in a historical context associated with it, what the companyapprox.

So companies to maintain the security programs a long history of healthy employees through initiatives such as addressing the sleep induced by alcohol, ergonomic, or questions. Read the success of the safety program and develop the story. If your organization has a longstanding commitment not only a good corporate citizen in the community to continue this history through the promotion of employee health and wellness.

Finding the roots of the program in the past and ties toFuture. Then managers focus on creating conditions for successful wellness programs at work and positive lifestyle.

The key to successful social welfare program, organizational ... Peer relationships, friendships, environmental standards. The Framingham study has demonstrated the importance of friendships. After tracking an entire population for many years have discovered that human behavior change health in groups rather than individually.

Inform managers of the keyResponsibilities within the workplace culture to influence sustainable change, such as:

O Thanks and recognition - praise offering, greater autonomy, access to necessary resources, the first choice of work tasks

· Confrontation - Ensure compliance with health policies implies, while avoiding personal language of the body or facial expressions, rejection or anger associated with employee participation programs

· Selection and Recruitment - BuildReputation of the department as an environment conducive to health-oriented people and positive health behaviors

· Alignment - Add information for policy and action in support of health workers oriented

• Vocational - Identify and correct the areas of culture that are the biggest challenges in life style

• Communication - To distribute information on the working groups to reach the workers' health and wellbeingObjectives

· Traditions and symbols - Create periodic traditions and symbolic activity, clearly demonstrate the importance of health in the culture

· Status of development - support healthy activities for employees and their families with strategies to reduce the unhealthy sense of healthier alternatives and a culture of wellness movement

· Commitment of resources - The lawyer acting on behalf of the promotion program of construction site healthto pursue with the management resources of time, space, equipment and other practices for the well-being.

Paintings: Ally neglected health promotion site

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