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Acai Berry - A Natural Pick For Your Optimum Health And Fitness

A healthy and fit portfolio not only enhances the beauty of a person but also leads to an overall well-being. Acai berry is one of the most discussed health solutions and a favorite of the fitness experts these days given its plenty of health benefits. The fruit comes with several helpful properties and many physicians have dubbed it as "miracle berry". In fact, the berry has been received warmly in the celebrity circle and has also been widely endorsed by top stars like Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey.

Acai berries refer to some grape like fruits from South America and Central America, purple in color with a seed at the centre. These berries were very popular among the native Brazilians and they called it "acais". The consumers of the fruit have always spoken highly of its fast weight loss qualities. Well, acais has appetite suppression properties. It implies that the intake of these berries would logically restrict your calorie consumption since after having these you would not feel hungry and you are able to eat much less.

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Besides, it has also been found to have the fat burning qualities. A regular intake of acais can melt down the unnecessary cholesterol and fat in your body and also in your blood vessels. Again, not many are aware that the small berry even helps in enhancing your metabolism rate leading to a faster burn in calories.

It's also great to mention that acais' appetite suppression qualities do not deprive your body off the adequate nutrients. The little fruit is also rich in nutrients so that there is no dearth of adequate nourishment when you are not taking food for a long time. The berry has been found to have one of the greatest reserves of antioxidants in them that are the naturally chemical substances which fight off the harmful effects of the free radicals in the body like premature aging and many diseases. The antioxidants actually neutralize these free radicals that in turn would deplete their destructive behavior towards tissues and cells.

These fruits are known to contain nutrients like Vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. Vitamin E is also a chief component here that contributes to the repair of your damaged cells. A 2003 HIS (Health Science Institute) article reveals that acais provide for a great quantity of anthocyanins which is thirty times more compared to red wine as well as the entire fatty acids contained in olive oil. Both of these are regarded by physicians as very powerful nutritional tools.

The anthocyanins would help to prevent the blood clots as well as enhance blood circulation in the body. The fatty acids would increase the body's capacity to absorb the vitamins A, D, E and K. Then, a 2006 research from Florida University has found that the grape like fruit has the capacity to finish off the cancerous cells in the human body. The study in fact has shown that the extracts from the fruit triggered a kind of self destructive response in nearly 86% of the leukemia cells examined.

Thus, there are plenty of health benefits from the little berry apart from weight loss. The many faceted advantages of taking the berry are low BP, low cholesterol, a great fighting weapon for arthritis and cancer, a good sleeping aid, boosting up of your energy level (being rich in carbohydrates), detoxification and cleaning up of the body (because of rich fiber content), improved digestive function, enhanced blood circulation, minimize inflammation, power up the overall immune system, improved visual acuity, diagnosis of neurological issues, promotion of healthy, young skin and much more.

Acai Berry - A Natural Pick For Your Optimum Health And Fitness

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