Saturday, October 22, 2011

Promotional Calls, Service Messages - Mobile Marketing Strategy

In this fast changing world there are numerous marketing strategies. One among the top is the mobile marketing strategy. Nowadays every individual has a mobile phone with him. Therefore it is a strategy that can reach a large number of people and its cost effectiveness and direct contact to prospective clients (customers) has propelled it to be the most preferred mode of advertising by almost all companies.

Promotional Calls:

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Promotional calls are a technique that involves direct calling by telemarketing executives of the concerned company to prospective and existing clients. The executive calls the customer (prospective customer) and explains about the products or services that are being offered by their company. A good sales pitch can often bring the desired result, a sale.

Service Messages:

Service messages are another technique that is used as an alternative in mobile marketing. Here the methodology adopted is to send the company's message to a large group of people. Those who require the company's product or service will get in touch with the company on seeing their messages.

As always there is a down side to this method too. The frequent calls and messages may annoy the recipients and in turn lead to undesired complications. The mobile users can use the do not disturb options and register their numbers to the national do not disturb directory. This will eliminate most of the marketing calls and messages.

Cutting out relations with an existing company should be done by informing them directly. The companies too have to be alert as calling to do not disturb registered numbers can lead to users suing the company.

Overall intelligent, conservative usage is the way to go.

Promotional Calls, Service Messages - Mobile Marketing Strategy

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