Monday, October 17, 2011

Give Away Promotional Mugs to Earn Customers

Do you wish to earn the faith and friendship of your customers to build a long-term relationship? Give away promotional mugs; they are the friendliest promotional items. As compared to other well-liked product promotion items such as calendars, desktop clocks, pen pots, symposium folders, or writing pads, promotional mugs have a unique place of their own because these mugs show a personal touch. The receiver feels close to the giver. They serve them hot coffee or an iced tea, when they are drained due to a hectic work week, or after a demanding client meeting. The uniqueness of these mugs is that they are used for personal requirements. In any part of the world, people love to get a mug as a gift.

The most remarkable attribute of promotional mugs is their appearance. They are accessible in different patterns and colours. They are also available in certain unique shapes that help in attracting people, young or old, towards them.

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The use of a mug starts right in the morning, as soon as the user wakes up. With a fresh mind he/she savours their coffee and looks at the promotional mug that has a logo endorsed on it; the mind absorbs that brand name, immediately. Then, during the day, when the user faces cutthroat competition at the office, he/she is bound to get exhausted towards the day end. At this moment, when again the user drinks a hot cup of coffee or tea in a beautiful mug, it brings a smile to their face, trust me, it makes all the difference. The user will surely read the logo mentioned on that promotional mug, not just once, but repeatedly, with every sip. The heart fills with gratitude for the organisation, which gifted this. That is the time when it enters the brain of the user and stays there for quite a while. In marketing, it is believed that this exposure has highest impact on the user's mind and this brand recalling helps in winning customers.

By now, the power of the promotional mug to attract customer attention has become clear. Just like other promotional items, mugs customized with a brand name are a subtle, yet an elegant method to advertise your logo. Almost everybody likes to have coffee in an attractive mug, not because it tastes better but because it gives a warm feeling. That is the power of creativity.

Give Away Promotional Mugs to Earn Customers

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