Sunday, September 25, 2011

Promotional Strategies - Using Brochures For a Day Spa

Promote your day spa business and persuade people to come and try the services you offer. Brochures are good print materials you can use for promotion. It is a versatile channel in creating a buzz because it can function in several ways promoting your day spa to customers. Promotional strategies can boost sales and generate more customer visits for your business. Listed below are the benefits and functions you can develop in using brochures on your day spa promotion.

Functions of Brochure in Day Spa Promotion

Health Promotion

o Advertising. The persuasive presentation of the products and services you offer on your brochures attracts potential local market for your spa. Advertising using brochures gives you the chance of exposing your spa to the people in your community. Distribute your brochures to the specific market you have planned to be your desired consumers.

o Sales promotion. Using brochures in sale promotion can stimulate sales. This marketing activity extra value to your sales force and to your ultimate consumer thus increasing the number of sales for your day spa. You can use your brochures to communicate to the public the trial services that you offer. Make it exclusive by only accepting those who have received your brochures to make the process more professional. Put instructions on your brochures that they need to present the print material to avail your free service limited offer.

o Public relations. Establish and sustain the positive image of your day spa using brochures as your PR tool. Giving a positive feeling on your customers will add to your credibility and trustworthiness therefore, they there is a better tendency that they will patronize your spa other than your competitors. On your brochures, you can tips on how they can take good care of their health and body. It will reflect the services that they can avail from your business.

o Direct marketing. Deal with your customers directly using brochures to generate an instant response or transaction from them. This is cost efficient since your spa communicates directly to your customers other than using expensive channels for communication like TV, radio or billboards. You can use your brochures as membership form that your consumers can fill-up and return to your day spa.

Promotional Strategies - Using Brochures For a Day Spa


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