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Paintings: Ally neglected health promotion site

According to a 2007 American Journal of Health Promotion article "Head beliefs regarding worksite health promotion: results of the Working Group for the project Healthy 2" managers at all levels in companies with existing corporate wellness programs, assess the benefits, promotion of the health of employees is less than managers whose companies do not have such programs.

This is unfortunate, because the managers who are primarily the central managementmuch more than the donors for permission to encourage employees to attend classes. They can be valuable allies ... program or saboteurs. Corporate wellness professionals should pay attention to these managers and maintain a close relationship. A manager of support and commitment to create the conditions in their work group to make and maintain changes in lifestyle.

Health Promotion

Responsible attitude 'towards being in general, in one of five categories:

Active 1 Fans

Passive 2Passionate

3 Neutral

Inactive 4 Opponents

5 active Opponents

One of them still move up one level in the direction of collecting a sample of great benefit for the program.

Most managers are inclined to use the wellness program back, but remain inactive in their support. From managers to understand and develop the ability to fulfill their missions, they will feel more comfortable with their roles. At this point, managers also have significant opportunitiesto participate, which are under their jurisdiction, which pick up the ball and run with it.

Obviously the vision was for the welfare organization. Discover the role the company well in the past. Each company has a unique story - as did the people pulling together to overcome obstacles and help each other to get the company where it is today? Presentation of the vision of the wellness program for managers in a historical context associated with it, what the companyapprox.

So companies to maintain the security programs a long history of healthy employees through initiatives such as addressing the sleep induced by alcohol, ergonomic, or questions. Read the success of the safety program and develop the story. If your organization has a longstanding commitment not only a good corporate citizen in the community to continue this history through the promotion of employee health and wellness.

Finding the roots of the program in the past and ties toFuture. Then managers focus on creating conditions for successful wellness programs at work and positive lifestyle.

The key to successful social welfare program, organizational ... Peer relationships, friendships, environmental standards. The Framingham study has demonstrated the importance of friendships. After tracking an entire population for many years have discovered that human behavior change health in groups rather than individually.

Inform managers of the keyResponsibilities within the workplace culture to influence sustainable change, such as:

O Thanks and recognition - praise offering, greater autonomy, access to necessary resources, the first choice of work tasks

· Confrontation - Ensure compliance with health policies implies, while avoiding personal language of the body or facial expressions, rejection or anger associated with employee participation programs

· Selection and Recruitment - BuildReputation of the department as an environment conducive to health-oriented people and positive health behaviors

· Alignment - Add information for policy and action in support of health workers oriented

• Vocational - Identify and correct the areas of culture that are the biggest challenges in life style

• Communication - To distribute information on the working groups to reach the workers' health and wellbeingObjectives

· Traditions and symbols - Create periodic traditions and symbolic activity, clearly demonstrate the importance of health in the culture

· Status of development - support healthy activities for employees and their families with strategies to reduce the unhealthy sense of healthier alternatives and a culture of wellness movement

· Commitment of resources - The lawyer acting on behalf of the promotion program of construction site healthto pursue with the management resources of time, space, equipment and other practices for the well-being.

Paintings: Ally neglected health promotion site

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