Friday, September 30, 2011

Promotional Bags - Sling a Billboard Over Your Shoulder

Promotional bags provide one of the best ways to get your message out among the people. The bigger the bag, the better, as every time someone slings one over their shoulder, they become a veritable billboard for your company or organization. A simple canvas tote can provide the perfect backdrop for your company logo or business information. Many promotional merchandise companies can handle the entire production process of your bags, from creating a unique design to printing it on the side of bags they themselves provide.


Health Promotion

Any gathering of a large number of people can provide the perfect place to distribute your promotional bags. Conference attendees often need to carry their books, notepads and conference information sheets around from one meeting room to another. If you step in and provide these attendees with attractive bags emblazoned with your company information, they will more than likely accept and use them with gratitude.


School sporting events are a great place to distribute promotional bags, as many men and women will be eager to support anything that benefits their children. Offer to donate money to the sports departments of local schools, if they will agree to distribute your bags at their next event. You may be surprised at how willing many schools will be willing to oblige you and you may even be able to establish a long-standing and mutually beneficial business relationship with several schools in your area.


Everyone loves getting swag at concerts and many men and women will be delighted to take home one of your bags free of charge. Distributing your bags at concerts will saturate a completely different demographic than most standard distribution arenas, and can spread word about your company far and wide, as many people travel great distances to listen to their favorite bands play live.

Promotional Bags - Sling a Billboard Over Your Shoulder


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