Thursday, March 8, 2012

So You Get Passed Over For That Promotion, So What?

It's happened to us all. We go for that promotion, but someone else gets it. We slog away at our jobs, putting in long hours only to be passed over for that promotion. Usually it goes to someone who is great at sucking up to the boss and is as lazy as a lizard on a rock on a scorching hot day. That's life in the corporate world I guess. Nothing is more true than in the world of management. It's a can be a cut throat profession because everyone is so obsessed with having the title 'manager'. However, what can set you apart from being a good manager to a great manager is how you handle being passed over for that promotion.

There are two ways you can react and only one of those reactions will cement your next chance of actually getting the promotion. The first reaction will not get you that promotion. It's happened to me before on several occasions that someone whom I thought was a bit of a parasite got the promotion. When I was younger, my reaction was, "so this is what I get for putting in long hours and trying to prove myself to the company and this bludger gets the promotion when all he does is sip lattes down at the coffee shop and chats all day long to the other staff! What a bloody joke!" That did me no favors at all. All it did was make me loose credibility and make me look very negative. The way I should have reacted was not to be too accepting because that would have made me look like an easy pushover but I should have expressed my disappointment in a professional and dignified manner. Emotional outburst will get you nowhere fast.

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The best way to handle being passed over is to say something like, "I am disappointed because I believe my work ethic deserves a little recognition but I will work harder so I can prove my worth to you". A statement like that can do wonders. You should even go up to the person who got the promotion and congratulate them so that way you project a very dignified manner. Sometimes you may also need to reevaluate your companies workplace politics as there might be something you can do to 'fit in' or 'play the game' a little better. Sometimes, the bigger the workplace is the harder it is to get the recognition that you deserve so that could be a sign to find another company to work for.

So You Get Passed Over For That Promotion, So What?

Keep in mind though that if the person who got the promotion only got it because he was great at sucking up to the boss, he will show his true colors very soon and show that he can't really do the job. I've seen that happen time and time again too. If you handled the rejection in a dignified manner, then guess who has the next best shot at the promotion...yes, it's you.

So You Get Passed Over For That Promotion, So What?

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