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5 Questions to Consider Before Accepting a Promotion

If you are working your way up in the corporate world, then a promotion is probably something that is always in your mind. Because the number of promotion opportunities that you get is limited, depending on the company you are working with and on your performance, it is important to seize the chance right away. However, you should aim for a particular promotion opportunity only if you have already had the chance of studying the additional responsibilities that the promotion entails and if you would be able to handle them. Here are a couple of tips that can help you in assessing whether you should go for a promotion or not and what you need to do before accepting a new role.

1. Check how things played out for the individual who have previously handled the position. If possible, try to ask that person regarding the position to get an idea of the responsibilities that you would be handling. Ask questions about how fulfilling the position was and if he came across any particularly difficult challenges.

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2. Before taking on the promotion, ask yourself whether the position that is being offered to you now is the one that you really want. Is there a possibility of being promoted to another position which is higher or one that entails the duties and responsibilities that you are more interested in doing? If this is the case, what do you think would your impression to the management be if you refuse the promotion?

5 Questions to Consider Before Accepting a Promotion

3. Evaluate the list of new or added responsibilities that the new position would involve. Make sure that they are tasks that you can confidently or comfortably handle. If they are not, do you think undergoing some training would help? If you feel that you would be needing a little training before taking on the new position, check if the management would be able to allow you to undergo some sort of a training program.

4. You should also evaluate whether the responsibilities outweigh the benefits that come with the promotion. This is needed to make sure that you would not be taking on a new role which would bring more money to the table but is too demanding that it could take a toll on your health and personal life.

5. You should also ask yourself whether the position that is being offered to you fit your career objectives. Take your long-term career goals into consideration and assess whether taking on the new role would help you reach your goals faster or not.

Keep in mind that you should not just accept all promotions or new roles that are being offered to you. Many individuals make the mistake of accepting everything that is offered to them without thinking first what their acceptance of the new role would entail. By considering the things that have been outlined above, you would be able to make sure that you are being promoted to a position where you would be able to improve your skills and gain more for your personal, financial and career goals.

5 Questions to Consider Before Accepting a Promotion

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