Sunday, April 15, 2012

Male Enhancement Products Promoters and Their Sneaky Marketing Tactics

It is very nearly impossible to believe the lengths some of these male enhancement products companies will go to in order to sell what is usually an absolutely junk product or supplement. The way they operate these promotions must be profitable for them as many have been doing it for years and getting away with it.

The promotion of a product usually starts out as an innocent looking piece of mail in your mailbox. Just another non solicited piece of junk mail. The only difference between this and many of the others one gets is that there is usually (but not always) a three letter statement printed on the outside of the envelope. It says "sexually oriented ad", or "sexually oriented material". Many people throw these away without opening them, as well they should, because the contents inside if looked at with a discerning eye will reveal the fakery and puffery of this sort of promotional material.

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Often times the brochure contained within this envelope will be full color and usually professionally done. This adds an air of legitimacy to the libido enhancer being promoted. There will many times be pictures of and statements made by legitimate doctors with proper credit given to these professionals for their "statements" made about the general health and well being of erectile dysfunction sufferers. The problem that arises is that if one does not look closely at these "statements" made by the doctors even though they have been given proper credit is that most of the time the doctor or doctors that the statements are attributed to are NOT in fact talking about the product being promoted!

Male Enhancement Products Promoters and Their Sneaky Marketing Tactics

The brochure is put together in a way only to make one think that the particular product being promoted has all of this backing from the professional community when in fact it does not. Sneaky.... very sneaky.

Another thing about these promotions is that they make all kinds of wild claims about how this "new" herbal product is so much better than anything else available and that thousands and in some cases "more than a million" men have benefitted from it. The only problem is that when doing an internet search for this product or the founders or president of the company as noted in the brochure you will find absolutely nothing about them. Many times you will not even find a company website, and in most cases when you do find a website it is only a one page site with essentially the same order form that is in the brochure.

These promotions are what is called "hit and run" promotions. Many times the company is only around long enough to turn a profit and then they are gone. They always have a real nice sounding "money back guarantee", but whenever someone requests a refund they get stalled and delayed or promised their money back, but it never arrives.

Male Enhancement Products Promoters and Their Sneaky Marketing Tactics

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