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Creating Your Own Personal Mantra

To understand the importance of creating a personal mantra, one must first understand what a mantra is. To many a mantra is a way of life. It is the way that you live in order to bring into your life all that you desire. This can be as simple as a personal ritual that you do everyday that helps you feel more successful and confident to face the day and not only go after what you want but helps you achieve it.

This ritual or mantra can be actions that are spiritual, mental, verbal or physical. It is agreed by many that a mantra is a verbal word or phrase that means something to the individual. A verbal mantra is a phrase that repeats to you what your goal is and how you will attain that goal and you repeat it to yourself over and over again. A mantra is a gentle reminder to the brain that there is purpose to your action. The purpose is for you to attain your goals.

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A mantra is considered an ancient sacred formula comprised of spiritual energies that take form in words. A mantra helps to establish a very deep and harmonious connection between the individual and nature. This connection allows us to delve into the divine energies thereby increasing the power of our soul so that we are able to live a masterful life. Having a mantra is the most important element in truly bringing change into your life. Your mantra helps you take control and accept responsibility for your life, and it is through this acceptance change takes place.

Creating Your Own Personal Mantra

While mantras are becoming popular there is a little known fact about mantras that is often over looked. A mantra should be specifically chosen for each individual person in order for that mantra to be effective for that person. You can create your own mantra to meet your needs at the moment. A traditional method for finding your personal mantra you take the date of your birth and the time you were born with the numerical value of your full name. Each element is then broken down into numerical values. Each numerical value has a vibrational frequency. The correct mantra for you will have the same vibration as your birth date, time and full name.

The traditional method above is the best method for creating a mantra that will best meet the needs of your soul and well being and allow for spiritual growth. To create your own personal mantra you need to keep a few important elements in mind as you go through this process.

First and foremost you will want to come up with a phrase in words that you will really use when you are talking about what it is you wish to come true. Consider the difference between the following, if you were a millionaire would you really walk around and tell everyone you were a millionaire? Wouldn't it be more conducive to success to say something like, "I am a money magnet," or possibly even say "Money flows abundantly into my life."

The second step in creating your own mantra is to make it a declaration of what you want to achieve as if it already has happened. If getting the big promotion is the goal you want to achieve instead of saying, "I want the promotion," you simple state, "The promotion is mine." You repeat this to yourself through out the day each and every day. If you focus on wanting the promotion the fact is that you will always want the promotion but you will not ever get the promotion. The universe will continue to provide to you the what it is you celebrate... wanting or having... the decision is yours.

If your marriage is the focus of you intent and a faithful, strong marriage is what you want your mantra is then, "I have a strong and faithful marriage." Live life as if it is so and it will be. This infuses the mantra through each and every cell in your body, there is a different feeling associated with wanting something and knowing that you have it.

The third element for your mantra is that it needs to be positive. The focus of you intent needs to be on what it is you want, not what you don't want. Taking a look at the above example with a strong and faithful marriage, you would not say I don't want my spouse to cheat. While in your head it means the same thing, what you are focusing on is cheating and that will be what comes into your life then.

Your personal mantra should be vibrational specific to you based on your birth date and time and the numerical breakdown of your full name. As you create the phrase for your mantra remember to use words that are used in conversation, make it a declarative statement and make sure that it is positive.

Creating Your Own Personal Mantra

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