Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Health Employment - The Driving Force Behind the History of Healthcare

Public healthcare systems are concerned with medical threats to the community, regional and national populations that it is responsible for. There are two distinct characteristics of public healthcare, being a focus on preventative versus curative aspects of health while dealing with nationwide medical concerns rather than individual level health issues.

The focus of a public healthcare intervention is to prevent rather than treat a disease through surveillance of cases and the promotion of healthy behaviours. Much of today's modern healthcare system has come about from health developments and interventions discovered and implemented during the early 1800's and industrial revolution for example. Such discoveries also created new health employment opportunities. Medical experts at the time had to contemplate some form of public system that could address general and pandemic health conditions of the population at large. New vaccines were also produced to treat disease and illness creating the need for health professionals to administer such procedures.

Health Promotion

During the twentieth century, the prevalence of infectious disease decreased and the focus of public healthcare turned towards chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Advancements in medical practice and knowledge had significant impacts on the increasing life expectancy of the general population of developing countries. The focus then turned to aspects such as safety policies, improved family planning and hygiene and what the modern health system is based upon, actions aimed at preventative measures to reduce the prevalence of disease and illness.

As the pressures of population increases are placing unforeseen stress upon the public healthcare system, there is an unprecedented demand for workers in the health employment industries. Additionally, as there are immense discrepancies in access to healthcare and public healthcare initiatives between developed and developing nations, the need for qualified health employment staff in many developing nations is ever increasing. Whether you desire to work in the latest medical facilities or assist in developing nations, those involved within the medical professions will always be required to fill the ever increasing amount of health employment vacancies.

Health Employment - The Driving Force Behind the History of Healthcare

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