Saturday, November 12, 2011

7 Bootcamp Business Promotion Tips

Bootcamps are becoming a popular business venture for personal trainers but many have a hard time thinking of bootcamp business promotions they can use to get more clients. Bootcamps are a great way for a personal trainer to make extra income. Personal trainers can run a bootcamp for a couple hours a day and make just as much as they do with their personal training sessions for the day. With bootcamp classes personal trainers are able to train as many clients in one session as they do all day with their personal training sessions. This is beneficial for both the personal trainers and clients. Personal trainers become more productive by training more people in less time and clients get to save money while still getting the personal training experience.

There are many ways a bootcamp business can be promoted. Here are several bootcamp business promotion tips that you can use for your personal training business.

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E-mail your current personal training clients - This may take away from your personal training income but it will also free up more time for you to focus on your bootcamp business. These clients may have friends that want to join with them.

Flyers - Post flyers at gyms, grocery stores, community centers, and other places around your community that have bulletin boards available for advertising.

Start a Facebook fan page - A facebook fan page is a great free way to get people to share their experiences from bootcamp with their friends. You can also post updates for the group about schedule changes, workouts and nutrition tips. Ask your clients to like the page and share it with their friends as well. This will help your business go viral.

Give out T-shirts - Many successful gyms give out t-shirts to new members. If they stand out in some way people will notice and ask them about the program. This is a great way to get your clients talking about the bootcamp and promoting your bootcamp.

Give Incentives for referrals - Give your current clients an incentive for referring new members. You may give them a discount for each new person or perhaps several weeks free if someone signs up for a couple months.

Group Discount - Lots of people like to workout with friends or family. You can give them a discount if they join up together.

2 Weeks free - Give out cards to your current clients to pass around to their friends that gives them 2 weeks free to try out the bootcamp with their friend. If their friend joins then they get an incentive.

Try out a couple of these bootcamp business promotion tips and make sure you monitor which ones work for you.

7 Bootcamp Business Promotion Tips

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