Saturday, May 19, 2012

Promotional Umbrellas For Senior Citizens

Umbrellas have a very high utilitarian value. They protect us from inhospitable weather and like a faithful companion continue to do so for a long time. This long- term utility makes umbrellas an effective promotional item, which can over a period of time reap huge marketing benefits for the company issuing them. 

With a promotional umbrella, your company can target any age group, and it will not go wrong. Be it working men and women, children or teenagers, umbrellas are always welcome as a gift. Now let us examine how umbrellas can be an effective give away for senior citizens.

Health Promotion

Most senior citizens are retired and their main struggle is how to keep themselves occupied. They try to follow a certain routine during the day as many claim that the aging body and mind cannot handle unexpected changes and surprises. They are also prisoners of habit and when they get used to doing a particular thing during the day, they will stick to it, no matter what happens. Not only do they have to take care of keeping their mind active but they also have to take care of their body, which can start behaving unpredictably, after a certain age.   If your company intends to target umbrellas to senior citizens, it needs to keep their habits, patterns and way of thinking in mind.

Promotional Umbrellas For Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens, especially in the Western world, tend to live alone. And because they have nobody to look after them on a regular basis, they are over cautious about their health. They try not to exert themselves, they take their medicines regularly and they take all the possible precautions like not going out if it is too cold or wet. Promotional umbrellas enter the picture here for senior citizens.

Companies can be assured that if an umbrella with their name or logo on it is handed out to the senior citizens, the umbrella will most certainly be used. If it is not raining while leaving the house, an adult or a teen is likely to feel lazy and not carry an umbrella. He or she might think, "I'll see what happens. If it rains, I'll manage something that time." But a senior citizen will not think like that. They will not leave it to risk and end up carrying the umbrella. They are also more likely to carry an umbrella in sunny weather to prevent any possibility of a heat stroke or dehydration.

Senior citizens make an attractive marketing target for promotional umbrellas.

Promotional Umbrellas For Senior Citizens

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